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SKT Campus was purpose-built in 2010 and is located on Shu Khinn Thar Myo Pat Road. This new campus provides a spacious, comfortable and well-designed space for learning, with state-of-the-art facilities.

SKT International College is happy to welcome you. We are located at a strategic point connecting Thanlyin township and the rest of the city.


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We are a diverse community. We embrace people of all nations, cultures, and backgrounds. We teach and care for our students in every way. At SKT, everyone is welcome and treated with respect and dignity.

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January 2023

19 Dec to 05 Jan - Term Break
01 Jan - New Year's Day
04 Jan - Independence Day
05 Jan - First Day of Term 2
21 Jan - Mathemania
22 Jan to 23 Jan - Chinese New Year